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Acme TraceArt
     Vectorizer, which can high-speed convert raster bitmap into vector supports such all kinds of image format as BMP,JPG,TGA,TIF,PCX etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Is it simple to purchase TraceART?

A: It is very simple to purchase TraceART, the agent Emetrix and ShareIt provides its online purchase function; you can receive register code fast by using VISA etc bank credit card to purchase.

2. Q: Where can I obtain the register code?

A: After you purchase the use right of TraceART by Emetrix or ShareIt, it is Emetrix(or ShareIt) not us to directly mail you the register code; if you don’t receive the register code in 48h after paying, you can query Emetrix(or ShareIt) directly or contact us.

3. Q: After I receive the register code and input, the computer always displays "Fail To Register", Why?

A: The register code has the distinction of capitalization and small letter; please note the difference of letter "o" and number "0", letter "l"?and number "1"it is better to use "copy" "paste" to input the register code.

4. Q: Is the register code valid to the upgrade version?

A: Of course, our version upgrade is free of charge.

5. Q: Does TraceART support scanners?

A: Yes.

6. Q: Which raster graphics formats are supported by TraceART?

A: The raster graphics formats supported by TraceART include bmp, jpg, tif, pcx etc.

7. Q: What do the vector graphics formats include outputted by TraceART?

A: The vector graphics formats outputted by TraceART include DXF, SVG, HP-GL, WMF etc.

8. Q: What are the methods to transformat raster graphics into vector graphics by TraceART?

A: Besides centerline and outline two methods, there is image filling function.

9. Q: Can I adjust the vectorizer control parameters of TraceART?

A: You not only can adjust vectorizer parameters, but also can save common vectorizer parameters as parameter variety, then later you can set the transforming parameters fast.

10. Q: When set vectorizer parameters, does TraceART has some convenience to me ?

A: For using different vectorizer parameter can get different vector drawing effect, you can get the best vertorizing effect after several times adjustment. To those large scale drawings, it will cost you much time to vectorize once. For this, TraceART specially design ‘preview’ function in the parameter setting dialog box, it can choose a small part of drawings to vetorize, its speed is very fast. After completing parameter setting, you can see the effect not needing to practise whole drawing vectorizing, thus it greatly reduces the time for vectorizer parameter setting, saves your time. You also can save the common vectorizing parameters as parameter type for later fast setting of vectorizing parameters.

11. Q: Does TraceART support vector with width?

A: TraceART supports the transformation of vector with width; you can set width series, let the vector width after transforming automatically rectify to preset width, avoid to get out-of-order width and need readjusting.

12. Q: Does TraceART support color-transformating function?

A: TraceART can transform a grey and colored images to black-and-white, you can adjust the threshold of transformation by yourself, or adopt the threshold automatically calculated by TraceART. The threshold automatically calculated by TraceART is right in most situations, so we recommend you to use it.

13. Q: Can TraceART improve raster graphics?

A: TraceART has two kinds of process functions to raster drawings which have poor scanning effect, they are central value wave filtering and expansion, erosion. Proper using these functions can greatly improve the quality of raster drawing. The raster drawings with poor scanning effect also can be pretreated by PhotoShop etc professional raster drawing process software, then be processed by TraceART.

14. Q: Can TraceART recognize circle and arc?

A: TraceART can recognize circles and arcs, it also can recognize circles and arcs with width.

15. Q: Does TraceART provide technical support?

A: TraceART provides free technical support to registered and non-registered users by e-mail.

16. Q: Can I get the latest TraceART informatation?

A: We will release prompt notice to registered users when we make large upgrade every time.

17. Q: Does TraceART support SVG vector graphics format?

A: Of course; you can save the results after vectorizing in SVG format.

18. Q: Can TraceART transfer different vector formats?

A: Temporarily TraceART only transforms simple DXF file into SVG, EPS,HP-GL (plt) and WMF formats; simple DXF files only include DXF files for circle, arc, polyline and line; to complex DXF files, they only transform the above listed forms and ignore other forms. Note: any form in block will not be transformed.

Non-registered Version are only used to evaluate. TraceArt will reserve the logo of TraceART. If you need to use full functions, please purchase and register.

Welcome you to our website. We hope you enjoy our software, and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have on ways it might be improved.

Please refer to the help of TraceART.


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Version 3.9.1
2011 / 4 / 19
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